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Election App (2008)
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Customer-Oriented High Quality Products
We are a startup company based in Seattle.
Our focus is on mobile applications and "Software as a Service" (SaaS) products/services.
Our primary product goal is to create great software products that delight customers
We built and released four "civic software" iPhone applications in the first year of the app store.
One of these apps became the #1 ranked paid app in Apple's Top Charts for the News category.
Another app went on to become the #1 ranked paid app in Apple's Top Charts for the "Finance" category.
In the first year of the iPad app store, one of our apps became the #1 ranked paid app on Apple's Top Charts for the Finance category.
We have also released Android and Windows (PC) apps in the Google-Play store and Intel's AppUp store
Please email us if you'd like to partner with us to build apps for your organization.

Apps ranked as #1 on Apple's Top Charts
Our "Economy for iPad" app was launched on October 30,2010 and quickly became the #1 ranked app on Apple's "Top Charts" for the Finance category. It can be downloaded from the app store .
Our iPhone Economy App was ranked #1 paid app in the Finance category of the app store soon after its July 2009 launch (Download Economy app from the app store).
Our iPhone Election app was the #1 ranked paid app in the News category of the app store (before the 2008 election)

The iPhone Economy app was featured on the cover (and chapter 5) of Wiley Publishing's book on Incredible iPhone Apps and featured by Apple in their "Staff Favorites" section.
See TechFlash story featuring the iPhone Economy app and Cascade Software Corporation.
See Macworld review of the "stand-out" iPhone Economy app.
See TV coverage of the iPhone Government Spending app at our local NBC affiliate or at our regional cable news network (It is the same 'Talkin Tech' segment on both sites).
Bloomberg story on the iPhone app store (in 2009) has a couple of quotes from our company.
Our Economy app was featured in Money magazine and CNN
See our blog for the story behind our 'Economy for iPad' app's release. This story was also publicized by the Seattle Times, TUAW, DaringFireball etc.

The Economy app gives you a snapshot of the US economy. (iPhone version , iPad version, Windows version, Android version)
Soon after its (July 2009) lauch, the iPhone app was ranked #1 among all paid apps in the app-store "Finance" category
'Economy for iPad' was launched on Oct 30,2010 and it quickly became the #1 ranked paid app on Apple's "Top charts" for the Finance category
The Economy app gives you the latest values of several key economic indicators.
It also provides graphs that track the history of these indicators across the past few months, years and decades and across Democratic and Republican presidencies and across recession periods.

The iPhone "Government Spending" application is a great app for anyone who has wondered about how the US federal government spends their tax dollars or anyone who has looked for specific information on government spending.
It will help the involved citizen who wants to hold government accountable for spending decisions and it will help the casual user understand what the government is spending money on.
The "Government Spending, iPad Edition" is optimized for the iPad.

Our first app was the iPhone "Election" application
The primary goal of this app was to provide a daily snapshot of the 2008 US presidential election.
On Apple's iTunes rankings, the "Election" application soon became the #1 "paid" app in the "News" category.
It was #1 in the (short-term ranking) "top paid apps" listing for News apps and also #1 in the (long-term) "popularity" ranking for paid apps in the "News" category.
Now that the elections are over, the app is a great reference to the 2008 presidential race with poll numbers from September to November, final results, issue-polls and commentary.

This app provides an estimate of your carbon footprint (your personal contribution to global warming) and compares the number with that of the average US resident.
The app can also be used to compare carbon emissions from electricity in different countries.

The iPhone Bailout-Stimulus app was released on July 30,2010. It provides specific and detailed information on how Recovery Act money is being spent on US Federal Government grants (federal assistance programs) and contracts.
Whether you go to tea parties or greenpeace rallies or neither, whether you're a Keynesian, Supply-sider or neither, this app will give you a better understanding of the $787 Billion Recovery Act package
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